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Oct 24, 2007 at 10:01am
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Category: Web Technology

Get Windows/Mac OS on One Machine

Those people who need to use more than one operating system, such as graphic/web designers or programmers or gamers, often have to use Mac OS, Microsoft Windows and/or Linux. Whether it is using a program only available in Windows or checking how a website looks on a PC, the need to use multiple operating systems is realized. Now the question is how to conveniently do the switch. With Intel-based Macs there are several ways to make this easier. Here are three potential options... Leopard (Boot Camp), Parallels and VMware Fusion. The information on each of these is as follows:

Leopard (Boot Camp)
Leopard (Boot Camp) by AppleMade by Apple for the Mac

  • Boot Camp is a fancy boot manager that allows you to install Windows XP or Vista alongside Mac OS. You have to reboot your Mac to switch between, but it runs as fast as a normal PC.
  • Boot Camp is beta software and was free but has expired. Mac OS X based Leopard software, which is a better full version of the same thing, has replaced it.

Parallels (Virtualization Software)(SWsoft) parent company

  • Desktop virtualization software that allows you to switch between OS platforms without rebooting. You can use applications from both OSs seamlessly.

VMware (Virtualization Software)VMware Fusion

  • Virtualization software manager that allows you to run Windows XP or Vista alongside Mac OS. The same advantages as Parallels.

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