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Oct 30, 2006 at 01:52pm
Age: 13 yrs
Category: Web Technology
By: Charles Coleman

HOW TO: Save Money on Qwest High-Speed Internet

Qwest DSL high-speed internet is costing most more than it should. Learn how to beat the system and lower your monthly payment with no effects on bandwidth.

That's right, you are probably paying too much for your internet service with Qwest.  I recently was pricing out DSL for my church and went to the Qwest website to locate the service that I was subscribing to.  Unable to located it, I started an online chat with a customer service rep at Qwest to see why it wasn't on the web.  Come to find out, this service I am going to tell you about is no longer publicized on their website and they admittedly push you to subscribe to a more expensive option as you can see in the transcript below.


Qwest service rep online chat transcript...

Thank you for using Qwest.com. A Sales and Service Consultant will be with you in a moment.
Thank you for contacting Qwest. My name is Nathan (ecom037). How may I help you today?
Charles Coleman: I want to understand what the lowest possible monthly price there is for qwest dsl
Nathan (ecom037): Will you please verify the phone number that you are inquiring about?
Charles Coleman: I believe it is with qwest basic using qwest as the ISP. 541-XXX-XXXX
Charles Coleman: It is for a church.
Charles Coleman: They do not need email.
Nathan (ecom037): Our 256k DSL is $15.00 per month and then Qwest.net Internet Basic would be $9.99 per month.
Charles Coleman: NICE!!!!!!!!!!!
Charles Coleman: You guys rule.
Charles Coleman: Is that a web special or can I call direct?
Charles Coleman: I haven't found that on your website yet.
Nathan (ecom037): Our 1.5Mbps Deluxe DSL would be $31.99 per month for 12 months, $37.99 per month after that. and the 7Mbps Premier DSL would be $41.99 per month for 12 months, $47.99 per month after that. Both of those prices include Qwest.net Internet Basic.
Nathan (ecom037): You can also get the discounted rates for life if you sign a 2 year contract.
Nathan (ecom037): All of the rates listed are online and over the phone, so you can call that in at 1-800-244-1111 if you would prefer.
Charles Coleman: I will definitely be calling in. What is the web address where I can find this as well?
Charles Coleman: I need to sell some people on it.
Nathan (ecom037): Just a moment while I retrieve that information for you. Thanks for waiting.
Nathan (ecom037): Actually it looks like Qwest.net Internet Basic is no longer available through the site. You can print out a copy of this chat transcript e-mailed to you by requesting one at the end of the chat.
Charles Coleman: Sounds good. Is this a service that may be discontinued?
Charles Coleman: Or are they just pushing MSN as the preferred ISP?
Nathan (ecom037): Mainly just pushing MSN as the preferred ISP.
Charles Coleman: MSN must be really paying big time for the customers. If I were Qwest I'd be keeping everyone for my own ISP... money can do a lot of things :)
Charles Coleman: Thanks again. Take care.
Nathan (ecom037): You're welcome. May I help you with anything else today?
Charles Coleman: That's it!


The scoop on how to get the better rates

As you can now see from the transcript above, Qwest DSL for the 256k service should only be costing you $15 + $9.99 = $24.99.  This is a great deal for this area!  It should also be noted that if you are using email addresses that they provided you with, you will need to find a new email solution.  I recommend getting a FREE email account through google. They have an amazing number of features and tons of storage and you can keep it no matter where you get your internet service from.  Now that's thinking ahead.

Here are the steps to take if you want to make sure you are getting the best deal possible on Qwest DSL.

  • Call Qwest's 800 number...
  • Ask for "Internet Basic" for whatever speed you want (of course I have to have the fastest one available)
  • Make sure to ask for qwest.net as your internet service provider and not MSN

If you have further questions/comments feel free to send me a note.

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